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ELEVATE Series: with Tony Ruesing

What a treat it was to be joined by Tony Ruesing, today on the Elevate Series! Tony is such a brilliant, inspiring, and downright MAGICAL human being 😉. It is...

ELEVATE Series: with Li Hayes

This is a must-see for ALL speakers, business owners, or anyone thinking of stepping into that world! Today, on the ELEVATE series, Li Hayes does not hold back when it...

ELEVATE Series: with Peter Kozodoy

This guy’s energy is the BEST way to start out the week! I am so excited to be joined by Peter Kozodoy today on the Elevate Series!   THANK YOU,...

ELEVATE Series: With Patti Zorr and Barry Magliarditi

Today is an exciting day on the ELEVATE Series. Patti Zorr is joined by Barry Magliarditi on the week of his book launch. Tune in as we discuss the whirlwind...

ELEVATE Series: A Big Announcement with Isaac Stegman!

There are so many amazing things going on right now, and today Isaac Stegman joined me on the Elevate Series to announce something new!   📣 Isaac introduced himself, for...

ELEVATE Series: How To Be YOUR Best & Why It Matters with Darrell Stinson, Jimmy Farris, and Isaac Stegman

All I can say about this ELEVATE Series is WOW. These guys have so much heart and are making such a big impact just by being who they are. I know you're...

ELEVATE Series: The Powerful Impact of Human Connection with Ian Jones and Pete Bombaci

WOW! I cannot say enough about this Elevate Series conversation with Pete Bombaci and Ian Jones. It was SO needed and so incredibly valuable.   Pete, Ian, and I discussed:...

ELEVATE Series: Scaling Your Business and Learning To Pivot with Elizabeth Hartke and Greg Hickman

Get ready to take some notes! This ELEVATE Series conversation with Elizabeth Hartke and Greg Hickman is PACKED! Thank you both for bringing so much value to this call.  ...

ELEVATE Series: All About Virtual Summits with Damon Yudichak

On this session of the #ELEVATEseries, we decided to change it up! Damon Yudichak put ME in the Hot Seat asking me all about Summits!   Damon asks me: 📣...

ELEVATE Series: Talking More Than Just Real Estate with with Barry Habib, Megan Anderson, and Scott Groves

This #ELEVATEseries is a discussion with Barry Habib, Megan Anderson, and Scott Groves about more WAY MORE than just Real Estate!   Some topics we cover: 📣 Advice for navigating...

ELEVATE Series: Hitting Rock Bottom, Getting Through It, and What To Do Next with Arjun Channa and Ken Andrukow

In this #ELEVATEseries, Arjun, Ken, and I had a POWERFUL conversation about hitting rock bottom, how to get through it, and what to do next.   👉 What makes communication...

ELEVATE Series: Solo Workshop With Amber Vilhauer

In this ELEVATEseries Solo Workshop, I share: 👉 The latest in viral live streaming 👉 How to leverage to power of blogging to create a strong magnet that pulls qualified...

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