Project Scope Questionnaire

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Please fill out the questionnaire below as completely as you can. The more specific and comprehensive you are, the more productive and fruitful your call with Amber will be. Thank you for spending time on this for an overall better outcome. We highly respect your time and wouldn't ask for answers to these questions unless it was for YOUR highest and best gain.

Contact Info:

  • (If not, tell us more about where you are with the timeline of your book release in general.)
  • (anything from title, genre, target market, core messaging, etc.):
  • (what roles for contractors or employees you currently have, or need to hire):
  • (We are only asking this upfront so Amber can start to decide a very custom launch plan for you based on your answer. There is no judgment or pressure here.)
  • (share your website link, number of followers/subscribers on social media and your email list, your level of experience in the press with podcasting, live streaming or publicity, etc):
  • (a general summary of the size of your client/customer base, if you have strategic partners, general amount of influencers or promotional partners who would help promote the book etc.):